Girl Power in Web3 Club

We are a community of women innovating and growing together in Web3. Our mission is to create an equitable internet with women driving new products and conversations. Join the Web3 movement with us.

Girl Power in Web3 Club
Girl Power in Web3 Club


Web3 is for the girls! Welcome to our community. We are working on the next generation of the Internet. An equal, democratized, and decentralized future is possible only if we actively build it.

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How it Works

Here's explaining how you can access my closed community.

Access Pass

Your Collectible serves as an access pass to the Girl Power in Web3 Club, where you get info on new NFT launches, early access to future events, and more.

Proof of Event Participation

Your Collectible is proof that you attended the Web3 Women: NFTs event on 5 November 2022.

Access to Private Community

You get access to an exclusive community of Collectible holders, who all share the same interest as you in Web3.

Access Digital & Phygital Products

Community members can receive special hampers or NFTs in the future.